How to find us

1. Make your way to Swanage Pier. If you have satellite navigation the post code is BH19 2AW. If you wish to park on the Pier, please be early, places are usually full by 7a.m. (weekends), midweek not always a problem. Alternatively, grab yourself a trolley, unload your kit and park adjacent to the pier. To avoid a last minute panic always allow plenty of time to get here. It can be extremely busy particularly during the summer months and at Festival times.

2. Once on the pier walk past the diving shop on the lefthandside. We operate from a grey pontoon which branches from the lower boat deck, which is approx 75 metres further down on the left. You can see it from the car park. Air fills can be obtained from the shop. PLEASE NOTE: We are not associated with the dive shop, please don't be confused, there is another Pat working in the shop. Payment should be made to the skipper.

3. Mary Jo, our shuttle boat is a yellow and white hardboat, Viper, our charter boat is white hardboat. Please be ready to board the boats 15 minutes before. The times given you at the time of booking by us are the boat leaving times and are important, particularly the ones that are tide dependant. Do not be concerned if our boat 'Mary Jo' is not to be seen, Bryan/Martin is usually on a dive beforehand. We operate every 2 hours, as and when required.

4. Please pay for your dives on the day prior to taking your dives. Should you cancel, miss the boat, fail to turn up and we are unable to re-fill your spaces we will expect payment.

5. Your kit i.e. BCD and tank can be assembled prior to boarding the boat. We suggest each diver has his/her own smb.

6. Here is a map to our location. Use the hand to move around a see different views.